Local Cola and More

Local Cola

Local Cola

One fact about my city of Roanoke, Virginia – Coca Cola is local. A Coca Cola Bottling Company has been here since 1902. One fact about me – I start just about every day with a Diet Coke!

I was born in Roanoke. My roots are here and I still call Roanoke my home. To me, Roanoke is just the right mix of suburb living, city venues and country mountain views!

Take a look around!

To see my post and expansive views of beautiful Roanoke from way atop Mill Mountain look here!

To see my post of a closer view of downtown city buildings in black and white look here!

Look no farther than my previous post to see my nostalgic thoughts on the city!

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Signs of Nostalgia


These signs have sat atop buildings in downtown Roanoke since I was a child. Not so long ago, I took this picture through the window as I sat in the passenger seat of a moving car. That’s why I managed to cut off part of the H&C coffee sign. At least I got most of it along with the full Dr. Pepper bottle top sign!

When I was a child, I loved seeing these neon signs lit up against the night sky. It was a treat of sorts when my dad would drive us past these local landmarks. It was a simple pleasure, and unforgettable.

Even now, whenever I spot the signs, I am reminded of how much I loved these special signs as a kid. I guess I still do!

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September (Sunflowers)-The Changing Seasons

September Sunflowers

September Sunflowers

*V2 and V1 photo gallery*

September Haiku (Turn)

Walking from summer
Ambivalent September
Turns to face the sun

I recently had a chance to go to the first annual Sunflower Festival at Beaver Dam Farm in a neighboring county. It was amazing to see so many sunflowers – 30 acres with around 600,000 black oil sunflowers in the fields! Set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the magnificent sea of big golden flowers was beautiful and mesmerizing.

It really does make you smile to be around all those happy flowers!

This is my Version 2 and Version 1 gallery entry into Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons Challenge. Check out his blog for other interpretations of the theme and think about joining us in the challenge! You can see my previous entries by clicking on the Changing Seasons header at the top of my page.

Over the Dam Edge

Dam Waterfall

Dam Waterfall

Okay, it’s a real dam. The water falling over the edge of the Mason Mill Park dam into Tinker Creek was a pretty sight on a sunny day. Very calming and peaceful.

Here is what nearly took me over the edge!

Northern Water Snake

Northern Water Snake

Even though it turns out that this water snake is not poisonous, it was unsettling to see it at the time. It was swimming upstream really fast and I wondered if any others were on land near my feet! I didn’t see any, so I’m sure that means none were there. Right?

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Moment of Reflection

Moment of Reflection

Moment of Reflection

Taking a quiet moment for reflection feeds the soul. It can be challenging to find the time and place to sit in silence. Televisions blaring, motors running, dogs barking, voices projecting and even the sound of clocks ticking distracts me from my deeper thoughts. Sometimes, those sounds are welcome distractions or cause for celebration. Sometimes, I just need to take a break from the noise so I can hear myself think.

In silence, my mind wanders freely, bringing me to a thought that may answer questions I didn’t even know I had. Pondering my thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions, and even my own breathing gives me an honest reflection of myself, clearer than the image I see in a mirror.

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August-The Changing Seasons V2

Darning Needle

Darning Needle

August Haiku (Repair)

The darning needle
Knits August days together
Repairing summer


This is my Version 2 entry into Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons Challenge. Check out his blog for other interpretations of the theme and think about joining us in the challenge! You can see my previous entries by clicking on the Changing Seasons header at the top of my page.

Free Frame

Framed Wren

Framed Wren

This little free bird, perched in the open frame work of the old clothesline pole in my yard, is a Carolina Wren. The distinctive white eyebrow makes it easy to identify as a wren. Here, it is patiently waiting its turn at the feeder.

To see more cool backyard birds, you can click on the Birds header at the top of the page. I can’t stop taking pictures of birds because they fascinate me! Each one is beautiful and amazing in its own way. This continues to be the year of the birds!

*Posted in response to the daily post weekly photo challenge: frame

Stand Out Sparrow

White-Throated Sparrow (White-striped Adult)

White-Throated Sparrow
(White-striped Adult)

What makes a sparrow stand out from the crowd? The bright yellow head markings, of course!

White-Throated Sparrow  (Another View)

White-Throated Sparrow
(Another View)

I am new to birdwatching, so I was amazed when I spotted the bright yellow brows on this bird. I soon learned that it’s eyebrows are actually bright white and it is the supralorals that are yellow. The bird is called a white-throated sparrow due to the contrast between its gray breast and white throat. Still, I think it’s the bright yellow that makes this bright, white-striped adult bird so identifiable.

I saw this bird in my yard back in April. My guidebook notes that it is a common winter bird in this area. So, it may have been a rare sight for spring. I never saw two of these birds together, only one at a time over the course of a week. Then, suddenly, it was gone. I hope it will be back this winter.

This week, the daily post weekly photo challenge, Rare, asked us to showcase something that stands out from the everyday. I think this little bird definitely stands out from the sparrow crowd!


Momma and Me

Momma and Me

I immediately thought of this photo when I saw that Cee’s Fun Foto topic of the week was Hands. I treasure this photograph of my mother’s hand beneath my own.

My mother passed away last August. It’s been a little over a year since I’ve felt her touch. But I can still remember the softness of her skin and the gentle strength of her hands. I miss her and long for the comfort of holding her hand again.

Hawk Ouside The Window

Cooper's Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk

LOOK who I had to chase away this morning! I just happened to be doing dishes when it flew up right outside my window! So big! I’ve never seen one up so close before! It is beautiful but too fierce to be around my backyard birds and squirrels and bunnies! I’m glad my yard has so many hiding spots for all the little creatures! I have been watching a hard working squirrel move her babies from nest to nest this week- maybe she had already spotted this hawk and was working to protect them! I want my yard to be their sanctuary!

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