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The Portal Between




The portal between
Take a look

The portal between
Take a risk

The portal between
Take the journey

(Posted in response to the weekly photo challenge:depth and Photo101 Rehab.

Blocked (One Word Photo Challenge: Beige)


Stone Haiku (Blocked)

Crafted formation
Sturdy stonewall barrier
Masonry gridlock

(Posted in response to the One Word Photo Challenge:Beige)

Sunday Spirit Song-Who Am I

Stand Out-Express Yourself

Stand Out

Stand Out


Standing out in the crowd
Sharing your words
Provoking thought
Compelling emotion
Inspiring action
Of others

(Response to the weekly photo challenge: Express Yourself)

Sky Blue and Mountains Too

Afternoon Sky And Blue Ridge Mountains

Afternoon Sky And Blue Ridge Mountains

Having a free hour one afternoon this week, I felt compelled to look for a place where I might capture a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I live in the Roanoke Valley which is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Nearly every main road seems to have surrounding views of these mountains. My eyes seem trained to block out the buildings and power lines that interfere with a pristine view and focus on the gorgeous blue of the mountains against the sky.

Having time and distance restraints, I settled on a nearby location and scouted the area for open views. The sun was shining directly in my eyes as I took this photo, making it difficult to frame the view using my i phone 5s.

I did need to crop the photo to eliminate a sun glare. I also slightly tweaked the coolness and clarity of the picture using the camera + app.

I hope this photo of the beautiful mountains, showcased against the partly clouded afternoon sky, will give you all an idea of the landscape of my city.

(Photo entry for Photo101 Rehab)

Indigo Rinse (One Word Photo Challenge-Indigo)

Indigo Rinse

Indigo Rinse

Can you hear a picture? When I look at this photograph, not only do I see the vibrant indigo and cool silver tones, I hear the tinny rinse of water against the stainless steel.

(My response to the one word photo challenge: Indigo)

A Fresh Coat of Paint (Be Creative)

My Fireflies

My Fireflies

Recently, I had the chance to try something new that put a spring in my step for three reasons. I went to a local activity called Paint Night at a downtown restaurant.

Paint Night is set up so that you can meet up with friends (reason one), have a drink (reason two), and put some paint on a canvas (reason three.) It was fantastic!

I arranged to meet my friend Donna at the event. It had been years since we had seen each other but our conversation fell right back into place. Smiling and laughing with an old friend is guaranteed to put a spring in your step!

The bar was open and we considered how to enjoy our beverages without spilling them on our developing masterpieces given the small table space. Mission accomplished with a spring in the step and careful beverage placement of Blue Moon drafts.

Our glasses sat right beside special plates decorated with splotches of colorful paint we would use for our paintings. Everyone was going to learn how to paint the same general picture but each would turn out differently as we added our own flair.

I have always wanted to try painting. Placing the first streak of blue across the canvas was exhilarating! I was hooked! I must learn more. My painting may not look like a Monet, or stand up to harsh critique, but it is mine! Mixing colors and placing brush to canvas in a joyful environment was relaxing. The worries of the day drifted away in a swirl of paint. I had a spring in my step as I carried my treasure from the building.

I am learning that making time for creativity is energizing and well worth the effort! Do you feel the same way?

Posted in response to the daily prompt: Re-springing Your Step.

Sunday Spirit Song-How Sweet the Sound

Sky Gazing for Serenity

Serene Sky

Serene Sky

I am a perpetual sky gazer. There are so many variations of color and cloud cover that make each viewing special. I am in awe of the majestic beauty. Many times, I am speechless in wonder.

I often rush to share the view with someone else. Shared experience seems to multiply the beauty somehow.

Sometimes, I just breathe in the beauty alone. I may let my mind wander free, daydream or say a silent prayer. I may try to feel the moment and let words fade away.

For me, there is calm and serenity in sky gazing.

(Weekly photo challenge: Serenity)




(photo101 Rehab, photo edited to black and white with noir filter)

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