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Bird Bath in the Sun (One Word Photo Challenge-Sun)

Bird Bath on a Sunny Day

Bird Bath on a Sunny Day

Yesterday, I decided to take a short walk at lunchtime. I figured going outside for a little fresh air and sunshine would energize me for the afternoon.

Plus, I knew the theme of JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge for this week was SUN. I hoped I might notice something related to the theme to inspire a photo. I embarked on my mission.

I noticed sunlight reflecting off of cars and building windows. I snapped a few pictures of flowers soaking up the sunshine. Then, as I rounded a corner, I saw a big rock pigeon taking a birdbath and preening its feathers in the sun. Photo mission accomplished.

Be Still (Nature Chills Challenge #3)

Be Still

Be Still

Rest beneath the branches
of the weeping willow
and settle into nature

Let stress float away
like ripples in the water
or a cloud in the sky

Be still
and find comfort
in the certainty of God

(Posted as entry to A Momma’s View Nature Chills Challenge 3. I look forward to viewing all the other posts!)

Moon Glow

Moon Glow

Moon Glow

“Well, it’s a marvelous night for a Moondance”- Van Morrison

Need I say more?

(Entered in Lucile’s photo rehab clinic. Taken with my new Nikon Coolpix S9900, using the camera zoom! No photo edits.)

Raindrops on the Rail (One Word Photo Challenge-Rain)

Raindrops on Rail

Raindrops on Rail

Raindrop Haiku (Cling)

Droplets of spring rain
Clinging underneath the rail
As grass grows greener

(Posted in response to JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge-Rain. Check out her blog for cool photos of miniature scenes and the rules of this fun weekly photo challenge if you want to join in the weather themes!)

The Backyard Bunch-Wren



Introducing Carolina. This little birdie looked so sweet perched in my dogwood tree. I believe it to be a Carolina Wren based on online comparisons of birds seen in Virginia. One identifier is the prominent white eyebrow stripe.



I learned that these birds live in pairs all year long, sing duets and may mate for life. Only the male carolina wren sings a loud song and the female chatters.

The Backyard Bunch-Squirrel

Snack time!

Snack time!

Introducing Curtis, an energetic little squirrel that is often seen in my backyard. He scurries up and down the trees for playtime with other squirrels and sometimes seems to be guarding his territory by chasing them from his favored trees so he can savor the tasty rewards. He will balance and stretch to take nibbles from the white oak tree.



I believe I can tell him apart from the others by watching his behavior. He is the champion.

Dim (One Word Photo Challenge-Eigengrau)



Dim Haiku (Eigengrau)

Darkness of nightfall
Squinting eyes for clarity
Grateful for first light

At first, I thought Eigengrau was just the color black. But, Jennifer Nichole Wells clarified the color as intrinsic grey, as defined above, for her One Word Photo Challenge this week. So, I started thinking about what I could photograph that suggested night and darkness. When I saw this lamp, it seemed like a good subject.

If you look at the bottom section of the picture, you can just see the outline of the lamp fixture against the dark landscape. I was inspired by Jennifer’s take on the challenge where you can just see the outlines of a familiar landscape in the darkness.

Have a good night, everybody!

Watching and Waiting

Hummingbird Ready!

Hummingbird Ready!

Last August, I decided to hang a hummingbird feeder in my backyard. It was late in the season, but I had never seen a hummingbird, and I was hopeful that I would finally see one.

To my amazement, a tiny bird arrived the very next day! Trust me when I say I was thrilled to see him. Binocular views showed him to be a male ruby throated hummingbird. He was beautiful. I named him Herman. Several birds, including females, hovered around the feeder until it was time to migrate south.

I was excited to get photographic evidence of my very first sighting using my i phone. But without a zoom, I was only able to catch a very tiny silhouette of Herman. This year, I am ready; I have a camera that can zoom up closer to the feeder now.

Sugar-water nectar is in the hanging feeder and I even bought a painted lady hibiscus to welcome Herman home. There has already been a hummingbird sighting reported in my town. I continue to watch and wait. Maybe today will be the day!

Cherry Blossom Pink

Yesterday was a beautiful day to admire the Cherry Blossoms in town. The weather was sunny and warm with a gentle breeze. Branches filled with bursting pink blossoms swayed in the wind, beckoning my attention.

Cherry Blossom Lane

Cherry Blossom Lane

Traveling roads lined with these trees was, and is, a joy!

Landscape with Cherry Blossom

Landscape with Cherry Blossom

The pink blossoms, green grass, and blue sky define spring. Taking time to appreciate the landscape is rejuvenating. The springtime beauty of nature is a glorious gift!

Cherry Blossom Beauty

Cherry Blossom Beauty

I hope you enjoy these scenes of Spring in Virginia and that you will share the views from your hometown too!

If-Then (One Word Photo Challenge-Copper)



How’s that for Convoluted Logic?

I certainly won’t argue with this result. The kitchen is my happy place!
Do you feel the same way?

(Posted for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge-Copper)

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