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The Backyard Bunch-Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Introducing Blue. Blue can frequently be seen flying between the branches of tall trees. Here, Blue uses utility lines to perch for a bird’s eye view of my yard. Bright white and vibrant blue feathers stand out against a backdrop of summer greenery to showcase the beauty of Blue Jay.

I never see two blue jays, only one. Blue seems to be a solitary bird. Still, he fits right in with the rest of the backyard bunch, displaying no lack of affinity with his feathered friends.

The Backyard Bunch-Hummingbird Posers

Ruby Throat

Ruby Throat

I was pleased to see a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird come by the feeder! I like to think it is the same bird I first saw last year, named “Herman Byrd.” I know that these cool birds do go back to the same place year after year. In my heart, it is Herman.

There is also a little female bird that flutters and hovers around the feeder. I think it is the same tiny bird, creatively named “Tiny”, that showed the same characteristics last year.

Tiny Bird

Tiny Bird

I am obsessed with the fast birds and wish I could take better action pictures! I like these blurry bird photos anyway!





Yesterday, I saw the two birds flying near the feeder at the same time, so I hope I can get a double bird photo too. Wish me luck!

The Backyard Bunch-The Cardinals

The Cardinals

The Cardinals

Introducing The Cardinals.

Each of these redbirds is colorful. Male cardinals are a vibrant red. They were both fluttering about each other in what seemed to be a dance. When they landed, I was able to capture them together, their eyes locked in a steady gaze.

Cardinals have built a nest within the honeysuckle vines along my fence. Yesterday, I posted a picture of a speckled eggshell, open and empty. I am on the lookout for baby birds.

The bright red cardinal is a beautiful sight to see. The cardinal happens to be the state bird of Virginia, where I live, so I am fortunate to frequently witness their flight. Still, I don’t take this view for granted. I can’t seem to stop myself from announcing “Cardinal!” at the sight, even when I am the only one around.

Do you have cardinals where you live?

The Backyard Bunch-Rabbits

Watching and Listening

Watching and Listening

Introducing Sherman. Sherman is a large rabbit that I frequently see in the grasses of my back yard. He looks handsome resting in the clover.



Here is a cottontail view just before Sherman hops across the yard. I have learned that rabbits hop away from danger in a zig zag pattern. Sherman is in no danger in the peaceful haven of my yard.

I wonder if there is a hidden burrow. On other days, I have seen as many as three smaller rabbits hopping across the yard together.

Bunny Rabbit

Bunny Rabbit

Introducing Bunny. I was walking around my yard and almost didn’t see her. This smaller bunny sat very still as I approached. I didn’t want to frighten her so I stopped and zoomed in on her from some distance then backed away.

Seeing the smaller bunnies made me wonder if Sherman is actually a she. In any case, there does seem to be a rabbit family nestled nearby!

The Backyard Bunch-Wren



Introducing Carolina. This little birdie looked so sweet perched in my dogwood tree. I believe it to be a Carolina Wren based on online comparisons of birds seen in Virginia. One identifier is the prominent white eyebrow stripe.



I learned that these birds live in pairs all year long, sing duets and may mate for life. Only the male carolina wren sings a loud song and the female chatters.

The Backyard Bunch-Squirrel

Snack time!

Snack time!

Introducing Curtis, an energetic little squirrel that is often seen in my backyard. He scurries up and down the trees for playtime with other squirrels and sometimes seems to be guarding his territory by chasing them from his favored trees so he can savor the tasty rewards. He will balance and stretch to take nibbles from the white oak tree.



I believe I can tell him apart from the others by watching his behavior. He is the champion.

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