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Cardinal Brings a Smile (The Weekly Smile 70)


I happened upon a challenge called The Weekly Smile which runs Wednesday to Wednesday! So, I decided to join in. We can all use a reason to smile! The sight of this vibrant male Cardinal makes me smile. The sound of its song makes me smile too. The weather here has been perfect for sitting on my back porch and watching my backyard birds which, of course, makes me smile! Clearly, I am a fan of simple pleasures!

I hope you are having a great day!

Cardinal Red (CYW-Red)

Cardinal Red

Red feathering immediately draws our attention to the cardinal. We can’t miss it. It is a stand-out bird. I have been wanting to capture a picture of a cardinal in my flowering dogwood tree. The Cardinal is the Virginia state bird and the dogwood is the state tree. Finally, I got my chance! Here is the photo, recently posted on my Instagram.

Representing Virginia

Here is one more photo of a cardinal perched on a pole above the bird feeder in my yard. He’s a beauty!

Pole Position

*posted for JNW’s Color Your World challenge:red

Opposites Attract



These birds are beautiful opposites! The smaller male House Finch on the left and the larger female Cardinal on the right share the same colors but not on the same parts. Just compare their beaks and wings and breasts and tail feathers! It’s amazing, right? They are such opposites that they almost appear the same at first glance!

Happily posted for the daily post weekly photo challenge:

If you find bird watching a Pleasure like I do, you can click on the bird header at the top of the page to see more bird posts!

June-The Changing Seasons V2

Cardinal Change

Cardinal Change

June Haiku (Molt)

Heavy heat of June
Revealing new, shedding old
Feathering the days

This young Cardinal is in the midst of change. His beak is orange, not black, which means he is not a fluffy fledgling like I first thought. I think it is a young male, within a year old, that is molting, shedding baby feathers to reveal red feathers. From what I have read, the juvenile male Cardinal looks much like the more drab female until he is a year old. Then, he goes through the molting process to become bright red! This was news to me and I have never observed it before. I also learned that all Cardinals go through a molting stage around the end of summer, shedding worn feathers in preparation for new. Isn’t nature amazing?

This is my Version 2 entry into Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons Challenge. Check out his blog for other interpretations of the theme and think about joining us in the challenge! You can see my previous entries by clicking on the Changing Seasons header at the top of my page. You can click on the Birds header at the top of the page for more bird posts too.

Pure Instinct

Pure Instinct

Pure Instinct

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love watching my backyard birds. I am learning how long they take care of their babies! It was fascinating to see all the male birds feeding their babies too! This bright red cardinal brought bite after bite of food from my feeder up to the fledgling!

I also saw this colorful house finch carrying food up to his baby in my dogwood tree!

More Pure Instinct

More Pure Instinct

Not to be outdone, this dark,iridescent starling watched over its baby in my oak tree and showed it how things should be done.

Even More Pure Instinct

Even More Pure Instinct

I previously shared posts about the nurturing ways of the downy woodpecker and of the house sparrow if you care to take a look. For more bird posts, you can click on the bird header at the top of the page! I have become obsessed with the pure beauty, color, features, and instinctive nature of birds.

*posted for the daily post weekly photo challenge: Pure

The Backyard Bunch-The Cardinals

The Cardinals

The Cardinals

Introducing The Cardinals.

Each of these redbirds is colorful. Male cardinals are a vibrant red. They were both fluttering about each other in what seemed to be a dance. When they landed, I was able to capture them together, their eyes locked in a steady gaze.

Cardinals have built a nest within the honeysuckle vines along my fence. Yesterday, I posted a picture of a speckled eggshell, open and empty. I am on the lookout for baby birds.

The bright red cardinal is a beautiful sight to see. The cardinal happens to be the state bird of Virginia, where I live, so I am fortunate to frequently witness their flight. Still, I don’t take this view for granted. I can’t seem to stop myself from announcing “Cardinal!” at the sight, even when I am the only one around.

Do you have cardinals where you live?

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