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Lucky Duck (OWPC)

Female Mallard Duck

Female Mallard Duck

This lucky duck was having a peaceful float down the creek. She wasn’t alone! There were two female and two male mallard ducks hanging out on Sunday when I went to the park! Their iridescent colors are fantastic! Look for the vivid blue speculum feathers that you might not see at first glance. I think I was a lucky duck to see these water birds!

The timing was perfect to share these pictures for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge: Duck

Cat(bird)-One Word Photo Challenge


Here is a cool Gray Catbird that comes to my backyard. It really does make a sound that sounds like a cat meow! For the longest time, I only saw a solitary Catbird. However, just this week, I saw two together. My backyard bird menagerie keeps expanding.

I am posting this as my entry to JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge: cat

If you would like to see more bird pictures, click on the birds header any the top of my page.

If you would like to see my beloved tabby cat, Stripey Boy, you can click here!

Bluebird of Happiness

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird

Yesterday, while on a springtime walk in the park, I finally captured this photo of an Eastern Bluebird, just in time for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge with the theme of Bird. Perfect timing! I have been trying to take a clear photo of a bluebird for weeks. I like to think this is the Bluebird of Happiness that I have always heard about.

I had never even seen a bluebird until this year! I am glad I started looking out for them so I could experience their beauty firsthand. The park I was walking in has nest boxes to encourage the population. The pretty little birds are fast fliers and I was lucky that this bird rested long enough for me to focus my camera!

Birdwatching is a relatively new interest of mine, so I will likely be posting more photos of other birds from time to time. It is refreshing to be outside and I really am in wonder of each little bird as I admire it! I love the challenge of locating certain birds and the challenge of taking an interesting picture too. Adding to my sighting list has been fun!

Do you have bluebirds where you live?

Sit a Spell

Stone Bench

Stone Bench

I have sat on this bench many times. I have felt the cool stone against my legs. I have heard the flow of the waterfall across the rocks below. I have breathed in the serenity of the calm spot, seeking to settle my thoughts, if only for a moment.

*posted for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge: Bench.

*also posted for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 17-Calm

One Word Photo Challenge-Bee

Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Of course, I had to share a bee picture in response to JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge-Bee.
This is, after all, the beespeak blog!

I took this picture of a fuzzy bee on my rhododendrons last summer. It is my only bee picture to date. I think it is a busy bumblebee. Bees are such hard workers. What would we do without the magic (okay, science) of pollination?

I’ll see you on the blogging beeline!

Color Your World Gold


Golden Haiku (Precious)

Precious golden rose
A sentimental keepsake
Everlasting love

*posted for JNW’s Color Your World Gold photo challenge

Artificial Blooms



Artificial Haiku (Unchanging)

Artificial blooms
Luckily need no water
Flowers unchanging

*posted in response to JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge: Artificial

Lunar (One Word Photo Challenge-Aperture)



Lunar Haiku (Aperture)

Circular window
Passage of light through darkness
Fullness of the moon

*posted for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge-Aperture

Bird School (One Word Photo Challenge-Ant)


When I saw that the theme for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge this week was “ant,” I was momentarily stumped. I knew that my options would be limited. I had tried to take a close up of an ant this summer with less than satisfactory results and the photos were deleted. Thanks, or no thanks, to cooler temperatures, there are no ants lurking around. So, what was I to do?

I started scrolling through some pics from the summer when I remembered how I often cropped ants out of my hummingbird pictures. Sure enough, there were a few photos remaining with a tiny ant in the background.

I decided to pinpoint the ant in my photo using the Over App. In reviewing the photo, I decided that it looked like the hummingbird was studying the text identifying the target ant. The bird looks to be a serious student, concentrating intently on the lesson about ants! I do believe that hummingbirds may eat ants although I have not seen it for myself.

I like to think this ant made it safely from the feeder, leaving the hummingbird to his nectar feast!

Summer Haze

Valley Overlook

Valley Overlook

The view from this overlook on Mill Mountain is superb, even when haze settles in the valley. You can still admire the beautiful blue mountains and the city landmarks below. From a distance, the view is framed by a grand tree, creating a mix of sunlight and shadows near the deck. I can feel the warmth of the day just by looking at the scene!

*posted for this week’s JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge: Pick Your Own Weather Theme (haze) and last week’s Summer Theme

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