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Gallery of Photo Lessons

I will be looking forward to the next photo course!




To triumph is to meet and soar above a challenge. It has been interesting to face the photographic challenges presented in the photo101 course. I am becoming more observant. I see my environment in a different way. I find beauty in the mundane. My eyes seek hard lines and edges, soft curves, bright colors and light. I am learning to showcase elements and preserve fleeting moments of life.

It was a triumph to capture these birds in flight, their dark shapes in contrast to the sky.



Double Park Benches



Waiting (Park Benches)

Sit down and wait a while
Rest your weary bones

Wait for return of energy
Wait for emotional clarity
Wait for inspiration

Sit down and rest a spell
Your time will come

Edge of Season

First Light Snow

First Light Snow

First snowfall with view edged by window frames.

First Snowfall (Edge of Season)

Fall edges up to winter
Taunts of first snowfall
Beckoning the season

Crystal Beads on Looking Glass

Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time…

Since I have been focusing on color, these crystal glass beads were the first item I thought of when asked to incorporate glass into a photo. Placed on an antique-style looking glass, the beads look almost magical to me, like the central element of a fairy tale.

Treasure-Pal’s Story



Pal is a treasure. He is six years old and is a friendly boy. He loves everyone and he loves life.

My brother and I drove over an hour away to get him when he was a puppy. We drove down some long, dusty, rural roads where we finally found the house where he was waiting for us.

We already had Pal’s name picked out, thanks to my mom, before we ever even met him. True to his name, Pal bounded right up to meet us, his long ears swaying as he ran.

We noticed Pal’s distinctive eyes, one brown and one blue. He stood out among his siblings. We knew he was the dog for us. I held Pal in my arms all the way home. We have a special bond.

Pal lives with my brother. My house is Pal’s second home so we say he is my dog too!

We didn’t know that Pal would wind up having special needs because of his seizures. We have spent countless hours researching seizure control. Pal just goes on about his happy life.
He is smart and follows commands-when he is listening! He loves to run and play. He barks with joy and occasionally shares his special Bassett Hound howl. He takes over the couch when he wants to rest and gently lays his head in the lap of his choice.

We joke that Pal thinks that everything belongs to him. We know we are his people.

Green with Envy

Envy is the art of counting the other person’s blessings instead of your own.”-Harold Coffin


Landscape No. 1

Landscape No. 1

Framed nature

Onion Swarm

Onions, Onions, Onions

Onions, Onions, Onions

Be prepared to cry if faced with a swarm of onions!

For me, it would be tears of joy. I love them all. Sweet, Red, White and Yellow!

I don’t care if it makes me cry to cut them. It is a small price to pay for the taste of oniony goodness.

Sometimes I leave the water running in the sink while I chop. My mother told me that staring at running water will stop the tears. So that is what I do. I like to think it helps!

Moment-Bassett Blur

Bassett Blur!

Bassett Blur!

You may not realize it, but Bassett Hounds are fast! My dog, Pal, seems to be running at lightening speed. He was playing with my cat who is even faster and ran out of the shot.

More Bassett Blur!

More Bassett Blur!

Pal loves life and takes every opportunity to play. The fleeting moment is Pal at rest!

A Moment with Pal

A Moment with Pal

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