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Blue Jay Series





I was overjoyed to see this beautiful blue jay perched in my dogwood tree last September. I am so glad I was able to showcase his vibrant blue feathers and jaunty spirit in this series of photos.

I am submitting these photos for JNW’s Color Your World-Blue photo challenge as my second entry today. What can I say? I love blue and I love birds. I will also place them in Lucile’s photo101 rehab clinic as my first entry of the year.

Charm Me



Charm Haiku (Rose)

Charm flows from a smile,
a look, a lingering touch,
the gift of a rose

*posted for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge with prompt words of charm and look:

I am also entering this photo into Lucile’s Photo Rehab Clinic.

Howl at the Moon

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

Wolf Haiku (Moon)

Layered cake of clouds
Moon cover silences wolf
True nature restrained

This is my first entry into Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge. This week the target words were cake and wolf. Check out his blog for more info and reader submissions.

I am also entering this photo into Lucile’s Photo Rehab Clinic. She has run the clinic for one year and I am happy to be included!

Duck Pond


Today, I went out to the duck pond on my Sunday drive. It was a sunny day and the pond was full of ducks and geese. In fact, there were at least 80 that we were able to count. We bought duck food at the site and these smart birds knew what to expect. The sight of these grand birds gliding across the water was beautiful and calming. I took a lot of pictures and I hope you enjoy the view!













It made me so happy to take these photos that I think I will add to Lucile’s photo101 rehab!

Low Key, High Key

Low-Key Pal

Low-Key Pal


I hope I was able to produce a low key image of my dog, Pal. The photo was originally taken outdoors with afternoon sunlight on part of his face. Trying to follow the suggestions of Mitch for the Imagecraft Bootcamp, I changed the photo to black and white and adjusted the lights (-60), the darks (-55) and the shadows(-5) using Lightroom for the low-key (dark and dramatic) effect. I was wary of going too dark because I didn’t want to hide Pal’s pretty face!


Last week, we tried high-key (light and ethereal) photo editing and I submitted this photo of my brother. I edited the original image to black and white and made the suggested adjustments, as seen below, for that lesson. In this case, I was wary of going too light and hiding his handsome face.

High-Key Brother

High-Key Brother

Thanks to Mitch and Lucile for hosting these learning lessons. I certainly have a lot to learn and feedback is welcome!

Weekly Cover Makeover Challenge (twelve)

movie poster makeover

movie poster makeover

Here is my entry for the PhotoRehab Cover Makeover challenge this week. I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to horror movies so I haven’t seen this. I understand there may be some dark humor; still, I’m not sure it’s for me. I did like Buffy The Vampire Slayer (and Spike) on TV which was created by the producer of this movie.

I didn’t have a picture of a cabin so I used a sepia filter to make this green house, with a partially open door, look more like a cabin. I adjusted the shadows and the film grain using camera+ to make it look a little grittier. Then, I used the Over app for the text. I wasn’t sure about the text color, but at least you can read it over my picture. I think the final product has an ominous feel-ominous enough to keep me away from it at the theater!

What do you think? Would it draw you in or turn you away as a movie poster?

Hummingbird Gem

Little Gem

Little Gem

I thought the hummingbirds had already headed south. When another blogger, suburbanferndaleark, posted an action picture of two hummingbirds, I made the comment that I hadn’t seen any of the tiny birds at my house for several days. I was missing the satisfaction of glimpsing their long beaks, glistening feathers and furtive glances through the camera lens.

This week, I was elated to discover that hummingbirds were still coming to the feeder in my dogwood tree! I saw this little gem resting on a branch, preening its feathers between drinks of nectar. She would zip in, hover, flutter around the feeder and drink her fill.
She put on quite an airshow! I was happy that I was able to capture this picture!

As long as the birds keep stopping by, fresh nectar will be waiting, and I will be enjoying the show.

*posted for writing101 and photo entered into Lucile’s photo101rehab

Weekly Cover Makeover Challenge (nine)

Book Cover Makeover

Book Cover Makeover

I really liked the book “1984” and its disturbing concept of Big Brother when I first read it a long time ago. Having read it several more times since then, I was excited to see the book was selected for the cover makeover challenge this week.

For this week’s challenge, hosted by Desley and Lucile, I started by taking a nighttime picture of the moon-glow outside of my dining room window without a flash. Then, I rotated the photo and added the camera+ concert lighting and instant filter which changed the color scheme. I also adjusted the contrast. Using the Over app to add text was the finishing touch.

I think the grainy mix of light and dark sets the right tone for a look into the world of the “future.” I think it may be time for a re-read!

Weekly Cover Makeover Challenge (six)

Novel Cover Makeover

Novel Cover Makeover

Here is my version of a cover makeover for the book, The House We Grew Up In. This fun challenge, hosted by Lucile and DesleyJane, asks us to create a new version of an existing album, movie or book cover that is selected for us each week.

I love pictures of houses, so I had to take the opportunity to use one here. I cropped my photo for book cover shape, added a fade filter and used the Over app to add the words. I hope the hazy quality of the shot conjurs a feeling of the past and adds an element of mystery regarding a family history.

Weekly Cover Makeover Challenge (five)

Album Cover Makeover

Album Cover Makeover

Here is my version of the cover makeover for Simply Red’s 2005 album called Simplified. This fun challenge, hosted by Lucile and DesleyJane, asks us to create a new version of an existing album, movie or book cover that is selected for us each week. Of course, I wanted to keep the cover subject simple, so I thought this clover close-up was fitting. I cropped the photo into a square shape, like a CD, and used the Over app to add the words. You should think about joining the challenge too; Lucile has the directions listed!

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