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Bluebird in a Redbud

Bluebird in a Redbud

Spring Haiku (Savor)

Perching in the sun
Bluebird in a Redbud tree
Savors spring like me

I’m so glad it’s springtime now for me! My favorite time of year is finally in full bloom. It’s a perfect day for birdwatching or just taking a stroll in the beautiful outdoors! I hope you all are enjoying your day too!

Yellow-Orange Center (CYW)


My photo, taken last March, of a lovely daffodil with its yellow-orange center makes me eager for the return of spring flowers!

*posted in response to JNW’s Color Your World Photo Challenge: Yellow-Orange

March-The Changing Seasons V2



March Haiku (Surprise)

March springs into life
Discontent with dormancy
Overnight surprise

Spring has sprung! Seemingly overnight, everything started turning green and flowering trees started bursting with color! It is a lively start to the season with vibrant sights, sounds and smells. The birds are chirping and the scent of hyacinths fills the air. There is a crisp wind blowing today, but the heat of the sun signals warmer days to come. It was a great day for a walk and I did some birdwatching along the way which has become a new interest for me. How do you like to spend a cool spring day?

This is my Version 2 entry into Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons Challenge. Check out his blog for other interpretations of the theme and think about joining us in the challenge! You can see my previous entries by clicking on the Changing Seasons header at the top of my page.

Dogwood (One Word Photo Challenge-Spring)

Spring Dogwood

Spring Dogwood

You may have recently seen the autumn photos of a Cardinal in my dogwood tree. Here is a picture of the dogwood tree in its springtime glory. My goal is to catch a photo of a Cardinal surrounded by white blossoms next spring.

I was longing for spring weather this morning when I had to scrape ice from my car windshield. Brrr.

*posted for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge-Spring

Cherry Blossom Pink

Yesterday was a beautiful day to admire the Cherry Blossoms in town. The weather was sunny and warm with a gentle breeze. Branches filled with bursting pink blossoms swayed in the wind, beckoning my attention.

Cherry Blossom Lane

Cherry Blossom Lane

Traveling roads lined with these trees was, and is, a joy!

Landscape with Cherry Blossom

Landscape with Cherry Blossom

The pink blossoms, green grass, and blue sky define spring. Taking time to appreciate the landscape is rejuvenating. The springtime beauty of nature is a glorious gift!

Cherry Blossom Beauty

Cherry Blossom Beauty

I hope you enjoy these scenes of Spring in Virginia and that you will share the views from your hometown too!

Country Market-The Changing Seasons 04

Hibiscus! Hydrangeas! Gardenias! And more!

I went by the country market this past weekend after I saw signs that the greenhouse was filling with flowers! The colorful view was in stark contrast with the snowy scenes of March, the empty spaces of February, and the seasonal remnants of January. Spring has sprung.

While I am enamored of flowering plants and lush greenery, I do not have the proverbial green thumb needed to grow a beautiful garden. As I shared this with the store gardening expert, she guided me toward the less thirsty plants. But, she soon realized that my interest was in admiring the vibrant colors and beauty of the flowers.

The attendant even brought out a bright pink hydrangea plant that she thought I might want to take a picture of when she noticed that I was taking photos of the purple variety. She made sure that I was aware of the fragrant gardenia flower. She shared gardening tips that would help plants thrive if I decided to take a chance on filling my yard with flowers.

Truth be told, I was only in the market for an easy-to-care-for plant that might be a draw for hummingbirds. The answer seems to be the braided hibiscus plant called a Painted Lady Hibiscus! It stands up more like a tree but doesn’t get any taller than the ones in the store. I understand the plant needs a lot of water, sunlight and warm temperatures since it is a tropical plant. Being me, I decided to think it over.

The thought of my hummingbirds around the hibiscus when they arrive is on my mind. I think I’ll be back at the market this weekend!

This is my fourth installment for Cardinal Guzman’s Monthly Photo Challenge. We are to post 5-20 pictures each month at a nearby location to showcase the changing of seasons and hone our photography skills. You should check out his photos and the links that he posts to other entries you may also enjoy viewing. You can see my previous galleries by clicking on the Changing Seasons header at the top of this page.

Ephemeral Flowering

Breathtaking Beauty

Breathtaking Beauty

Ephemeral: lasting for a very short time

Plum Blossoms

Plum Blossoms

The flowering of these beautiful trees ushers in the spring. I am amazed at how these trees seem to bloom over-night, in unison. One day, they go unnoticed; the next time you look, glorious color abounds.

Plum Flower  Detail

Plum Flower Detail

The flowering beauty meets my definition of ephemeral since the colorful stage is transient. I try to consciously appreciate the sight. To me, the flowers seem to disappear without warning as suddenly as they arrive.

Vibrant Glory

Vibrant Glory

Time is relative. While these ornamental trees blossom every year, the growing cycle lasts only about 30 years for plum trees which is fleeting in the realm of time.


Fresh Wink



Spring Haiku (Fresh)

Flirting with us all
The colorful blossoming
A fresh wink of spring


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