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Suburb-The Changing Seasons V2 (August 2017)


Treasure Haiku (Circumstance)

Treasure may differ
Depending on circumstance
And place in this world

I like to put extra bird food on the ground for my favorite back yard squirrel, Curtiss. Yes, she is my favorite- I can always recognize her by the notch on her right ear! I have been watching her across the seasons. I have watched her build a nest in my dogwood tree for her babies, and I have watched her move those babies when danger (in the form of a hawk) had been near. I have watched her watch me, eye to eye, as she lounges on the tree branches. I have watched her diligently gather acorns in preparation for the winter. Other squirrels, with their own personality traits, partake in this food treasure too. But, only when Curtiss lets them. She is the queen!

Today, with so much distress in the world, I am counting my blessings and feeling greatful indeed.

This is my eighth 2017 post for year three of Cardinal Guzman’s photo challenge, The Changing Seasons. You can post a photo gallery (V1) or a single photo (V2) that showcases your view of the month. You can check out the Cardinal’s page for the general challenge rules and join right in! His photos are fantastic! Like last year, I am planning to add a haiku along with my single V2 photo each month. Even though it has been said that a picture paints a thousand words, I like pairing pictures and words; both can still mean different things to different people.

All my previous Changing Seasons posts are in one place under the Changing Seasons header at the top of the page. Take a look around my blog if you are interested! Comments are welcome!

Nature Walk-Squirrel

Park Squirrel

Park Squirrel

Here is a squirrel for day four of the seven days of nature challenge. I saw this little guy in the park and he seemed more timid than my backyard squirrels. He stood very still, hoping I wouldn’t see him and move closer. As soon as I stepped back, he bolted away!

I was nominated for this challenge by Desleyjane at musings of a frequent flying scientist. Since I have seen his mastery of squirrel photography, I would like to invite Dennis of atrivialmindatwork to join us. If interested just post a nature photo each day for seven days and ask someone to join in.

I am posting a mix of birds, wildlife, flowers and other nature scenes. Feel free to join the fun!

Rule of Thirds on Display



This week, Cee has challenged us to explore the photography Rule of Thirds. The squirrel in my first picture is in the left third of the picture. He may be a bit close to the edge but he is so cute nibbling on his acorn that I think this action shot works.

The next photo is a landscape where the focal point is a water tower at the left of the scene. Your eyes go there first, move to glance at the rest of the photo elements, but are drawn back to the tower again.

Water Tower

Water Tower

The focal point can also be in the right third as seen in the next two photos. I like the way the steeple is grounded but reaches toward the sky in open space without hindrance.



The placement of this tower in the right third of the picture made it look more dramatic than if it was simply in the middle given the slanted hillside.



The little humming bird is in the top third of the picture which seems appropriate for a bird. He is perched on a branch going toward the left third of the picture. I hope the vertical branch on the right does not distract fom the hummingbird.



Finally, I selected a photo where the focal point is at the bottom of the photo with simple plants settled in the flower bed. Nothing distracts from the plants and they seem to have room to grow.



I hadn’t given the concept of upper and lower thirds as much thought as the right and left until this lesson. I also learned to think about where the open space is in relation to the position of the photo subject, and how that may impact someone’s emotional interpretation of the photograph.

These photos are posted for Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge-Rule of Thirds. Check out her blog for lots of great photo tips and links to example photos!

The Backyard Bunch-Squirrel

Snack time!

Snack time!

Introducing Curtis, an energetic little squirrel that is often seen in my backyard. He scurries up and down the trees for playtime with other squirrels and sometimes seems to be guarding his territory by chasing them from his favored trees so he can savor the tasty rewards. He will balance and stretch to take nibbles from the white oak tree.



I believe I can tell him apart from the others by watching his behavior. He is the champion.

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