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Lost and Found-Part Two

I never did find my camera. We spent the morning of our last day in Freeport making calls and checking van transports to no avail. The camera was gone and it was time to leave for home.

Of course, I was disappointed and feeling a little guilty for losing photographic proof of a great family trip to the Bahamas.

The camera must have fallen out of my non zippered beach bag. I wondered if it was on the floor of the transport van, on the deck of the boat, buried in island sand or at the bottom of the clear blue water? I realized we would never know. I knew we would have to rely on our memories.

We would have to remember gazing at crystal blue water with contented looks on our sun tanned faces. We would have to remember sitting on the tall chairs at the tiki bar, frosty glasses in our hands. We would have to remember walking on the beach and high-stepping it toward the surf because the sand was so hot against our bare feet. We would have to remember laughing at stories told by new friends as we kept our balance on the catamaran.

We decided we had lots of good memories to outweigh the loss of the camera. Maybe our recounting of the trip will provide better memories than pictures, we hoped.

I still wished that I had a picture. Imagine my surprise and joy when I remembered the tiny family photo in a souvenir key chain bought at the resort during our trip. I looked through the eyepiece of the trinket and held it up toward the light.

There we were, suntanned, smiling and making memories!

Photo Found!

Photo Found!

Lost and Found-Part One

Vacation Postcard

Vacation Postcard

Twenty five years ago, I had the idea to plan a family vacation to the Bahamas. By family, I mean my mother, my brother and me.

The 3 of us hadn’t been on vacation together since I was a kid. After a bit of planning on my part, it was arranged. We flew from Virginia to Florida and then to the Bahamas! We were soon on the beach in Freeport!

The sun shone brightly and tanned our skin as we basked in its warmth. The water, which was a vibrant blue, was a sight to behold. The sound of Island music filled the air as a steel drum band played. Frozen coconut beverages were mixed at the beach bar. Palm trees swayed under gentle breezes.

We took the standard vacation photos, smiling and laughing with each snap of the shutter. This was going to be a vacation to remember. And, we would have the pictures to prove it!

We wanted to see what tourist activities were available. One activity we decided on was a day cruise across the water to a private island. It was a party cruise, better known as “the booze cruise.” Fun times ahead.

Eagerly, we boarded the boat on the morning of the excursion. We greeted all the other passengers on the catamaran. Lots of guys and girls, including us, ready to relax and have fun. Island rum punch flowed freely. We took pictures of the scenery, our new friends and our own smiling faces. We travelled to the private island for sun, volleyball and a Bahamian feast. We were on “island time, mon.” A little later in the afternoon, we gathered our beach bags, re-boarded the boat for the ride back to the dock. Then, after a short van ride, we arrived safe and sound at the resort.

We traipsed through the resort lobby, laughing loudly. Back in our room, unpacking my beach bag, I made an unsettling discovery. My camera was gone!

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