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BeeSpeak Lessons (Happy Blog-O-Versary to Me)

Year One

Year One

When I started my blog one year ago today, I had no idea where it would lead me. I thought I would explore life lessons learned along the busy beeline of my life. As my interests and interactions evolved, so did my blog. I have had an opportunity to share my thoughts, writing and photography. My blog has served as a creative outlet for me and a way to expand my world with blogger friends. I really enjoy posting, reading blogs and interacting with all you fellow bloggers. Looking back, I have learned valuable life lessons, ten of which I will share with you here.

1. Be Happy. I discovered that taking pictures makes me happy.
2. Be Observant. It is easy to find beauty in the mundane, if you take the time to look.
3. Be Kind. Words matter.
4. Be Calm. Most anger arises from fear.
5. Be Amazed. I am amazed and a little obsessed with my hummingbirds and nature in general.
6. Be Caring. It is vital to care about others and also to let others care about you.
7. Be Creative. Taking photos and writing poetry, haiku or stories can free your mind.
8. Be Appreciative. Try to recognize the special but fleeting moments of simple daily life.
9. Be Friendly. You really can make blogger friends if you interact.
10. Be Loving. My love for God, family, pets, friends and nature is what lights my spirit.

I am looking forward to another year of learning and growing with you all!

Closet Clutter Skeletons



My tiny closet had become a boneyard, a place where clothes, shoes, pocketbooks and miscellany entered, but were not to be seen again.

Long forgotten items were pushed back into the dark closet corners. Boxes of special occasion high heels were resigned to the highest shelf, unreachable without a step stool. Sequined dresses hung beside knitted winter sweaters and sleeveless summer blouses. Mismatched cotton socks hid beneath silk scarves. Purses, self-help books and abandoned tennis shoes were heaped on the closet floor. Deserted materials and styles mingled in neglect.

Dust bunnies huddled up against bags of never-worn apparel along the closet edges.

Ridding the closet of these clutter skeletons required a ruthless hand. Sentiment was held in check. Only items judged worthy earned coveted closet space.

Clutter skeletons were banished. Bags and bags of remnants were carried away. My closet breathed new life.

(Posted in response to Writers’ Hub Challenge 4.)

One Less Egg to Fry

It’s not hard to fry an egg. Really, it’s not. But that didn’t stop me from making my latest “as seen on TV” product purchase.

Yes, I want to make perfectly round eggs in little microwave dishes. Yes, I do. I want to crack an egg into the red plastic pan, whisk it with a fork, cover it with the clear lid and place it into the magic microwave. I want to stare at the glass window as the turntable spins my egg to perfection.

Maybe it is my childhood obsession with the easy bake oven, but I am entertained. One minute later, the bell tings.

Presto, my egg is ready to be placed on a sizzling burger. Did I say burger? Yes, I did.

The egg is a vital component to my Cheesy Western, a delectable burger invented at a tiny, 10 seat, tavern in my town. While it won’t top the original, it will be a respectable replica. Egg, burger patty, cheddar cheese, relish and onions on a bun. Oh, wait. I realize I’m making a Cheesy Western, with. That lingo means the onions are included. (I may not speak Starbucks but I do speak Texas Tavern!)

With Glee, I take the first bite. Hearty, rich, sharp, sweet. It is a well crafted blend of tastes. Comfort food at its finest.

I still have the microwave bell to answer, but thanks to my new egg cooker, I have one less egg to fry.

[Challenged to write a post based on selecting a lyric from the first random song on my i pad, I hit shuffle to see what song would play. I decided to take a lyric out of context for my post. If you want to listen to the song that (dare I say) loosely inspired this post, here it is! ]

Gulp-Six Word Story Challenge

Battle brewing. He dry swallows fear.

Dear Me- Writers’ Hub Challenge

Letter to Me

Letter to Me

Dear Me,

I must alert you to the fact that though you started out as a tell-er you are now a better show-er.

I know it was not easy to release the adverbs. You shook your head at the thought of relegating words to the limited use section. You twisted your lips together tightly as you checked online sources to confirm the accuracy of the rule. You rushed to your bookshelf and pulled down a book by your favorite author. Flipping through the pages, you scanned the text for the elusive pairing of letters l and y.

I’m convinced,” you said out loud to yourself. With a nod of your head, you closed the hardback book and returned it to the shelf reserved for favored tomes, ready to write without adverbs.

In addition, I want to compliment you on your efforts to find your blogger’s voice. Perched in front of your keyboard, typing the words in your head, you hit backspace until the print seems right, until the words seem to sound like you to you. With a sigh, and sometimes with a smile, you tap the publish button, fighting against the urge to edit.

Sometimes you continue to make changes and sometimes you don’t. You are growing as a writer.


Your chief critic and main supporter

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