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Weekly Cover Makeover Challenge (five)

Album Cover Makeover

Album Cover Makeover

Here is my version of the cover makeover for Simply Red’s 2005 album called Simplified. This fun challenge, hosted by Lucile and DesleyJane, asks us to create a new version of an existing album, movie or book cover that is selected for us each week. Of course, I wanted to keep the cover subject simple, so I thought this clover close-up was fitting. I cropped the photo into a square shape, like a CD, and used the Over app to add the words. You should think about joining the challenge too; Lucile has the directions listed!

It’s Not The Heat (One Word Photo Challenge-Humid)



Condensation forms quickly on a cool bottle of wine on a hot, humid day. Pour a glass and get that bottle back into the chiller!

*posted in response to JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge:Humid

Inflorescence Close Up



As a child, my brother and I used to snap the flowers of these weeds at each other or see who could snap one the farthest distance. I never knew the name of these tall weeds; we called them snap weeds. Today, I learned they are called Buckhorn Plantains. Who knew?

I thought a close up of the inflorescence (which is a word I just learned, meaning the
complete flower head of a plant) would be a good choice for this week’s daily post photo challenge: Close Up

I took this photo with my i phone 5s using the macro setting on the camera+ app. I added a sunset filter to darken the background. I am also entering this photo into Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab Clinic.

Weekly Cover Makeover Challenge (four)


Here is my entry for the Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover #4 hosted by Lucile and Desleyjane.

A single bird on a wire cries solitude in my interpretation of the book title.

The Backyard Bunch-Hummingbird Posers

Ruby Throat

Ruby Throat

I was pleased to see a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird come by the feeder! I like to think it is the same bird I first saw last year, named “Herman Byrd.” I know that these cool birds do go back to the same place year after year. In my heart, it is Herman.

There is also a little female bird that flutters and hovers around the feeder. I think it is the same tiny bird, creatively named “Tiny”, that showed the same characteristics last year.

Tiny Bird

Tiny Bird

I am obsessed with the fast birds and wish I could take better action pictures! I like these blurry bird photos anyway!





Yesterday, I saw the two birds flying near the feeder at the same time, so I hope I can get a double bird photo too. Wish me luck!

Cloud Line (Half and Half)

Cloud Line

Cloud Line

My mother first noticed this distinct cloud line and encouraged me to take the photograph. We thought the straight line separating colorful clouds from clear sky was unusual. The picture was taken near dusk and a storm was on its way. The sharp cloud line mirrors the power line, and the dark trees on either side give a mirror image effect.

I believe this photo meets the daily post Half and Half challenge of posting a picture with two clear halves.

The Red Door Dream-Part Three (Conclusion)


The Red Door Dream Part Three-Dark Side Thursday

At the end of a dark hallway, light shines under a door.

I blink my eyes. The light is still there, illuminating the small gap between the bottom of the door and the hardwood floor. I move onto my hands and knees and crawl toward the light. As I get closer, the light flickers and goes out, stopping me in my tracks.

I can’t move.

My ears feel full and a low pitched hum envelops me as I collapse onto the floor. The tone fades and dark silence surrounds me. Fear rises and burns my throat. I want to cry out but I have lost my voice.

The soft ticking of a clock startles me and I open my eyes. Harsh candlelight floods my vision as I scramble to stand up. A worried sigh escapes my lips.

Shaking my head, I realize I don’t know where I am. The room is unfamiliar. There are no windows. There are no doors. How did I get in the room? How do I get out? I need to get out!

I need to calm my mind. I walk over and sit at an antique vanity table. The mirror is dusty and offers no reflection. The drawers are empty, save one.

The drawer holds a white notecard. I recognize my own writing.

“You are dreaming. Look for the red door.”

I look into the dusty mirror. I see a red door, partially obscured by swaying tree branches.

The End

*this is my third installment for Andy’s Dark Side Thursday. I decided to make it a short story since I kept feeling a pull back toward the bright side! I hope you liked this story and I may visit the dark side again. I will surely keep reading Andy’s story!

Hummingbird Visitor


I happened to see my hummingbird resting on a branch just in time to capture its photo. If you look closely you can see its tongue sticking out past its long beak! While it may be a juvenile male bird, I believe this to be a female based on its white tipped, fan shaped tail feathers and white throat.


The little bird came by the feeder many times tonight and I am happy to know it makes return visits for nectar.


I am feeling snap-happy and will be sure to post more pictures later! I hope you all can appreciate these special birds like I do.

*I like the first picture so much I am entering it into Lucile’s Photo Rehab Clinic. I was ready with camera zoom, cropped the original photo to come in even closer and applied the sunset light feature using camera+.

Rising Creek (One Word Photo Challenge-Flood)

Rising Creek

Rising Creek

I live near Mudlick Creek and when it rains a lot the water grows muddy and the creek rises. During a heavy rain, the creek will overflow its banks and flood the road nearby, forcing me to take an alternate route. In due time, the water will subside, returning to the comfort of its creek bed.

I am posting this photo for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge-Flood. Years ago, I actually experienced a big, devastating flood in my town and don’t care to experience another.

I thought the photo might be effective in black and white, but I miss the muddy brown of the water. Without the detail, I think the photo may seem bland. What do you think?

Creek Rising B&W

Creek Rising B&W

Be Amazed Again-Hummingbird Return

Hummingbird Return!

Hummingbird Return!

YAY! Finally! I saw the first hummingbird of the season in my backyard last night and when it returned tonight at around the same time, I was ready with my camera!

I had never seen a hummingbird until last year and I fell in love with the little birds! I introduced my blog last August with some of the first posts being about my search for a hummingbird. I watched for the birds each evening, using binoculars for close up views. Seeing the vivid ruby throat was astonishing. I took a picture as proof of my sighting and you can see the very tiny bird image here.

Now, I have a camera with zoom capability, hence this close up picture. I took two blurry pictures and this featured picture before it flew away. In my excitement, I was lucky to get this shot.

I remain amazed at the beauty of the little birds. Hopefully, I will be able to capture some more pictures, including the glorious ruby throated male. Let the summer viewing begin!

(I am also posting this into Lucile’s Photo Rehab Clinic as my best hummingbird photo yet!)

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