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On the Diagonal









I have selected these photos for Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge-Diagonal Lines. These photos all share the element of diagonal lines that can guide the eye, suggest movement or add a sense of tension.

For extra credit, here are photos of two things that I am thankful for-my home and blue skies!



 Blue Skies

Blue Skies

Connect with Nature



It can be hard to disconnect from our computers and social media. I want to keep up with all the posts of my blogger friends. I don’t want to miss anything. Still, it is good to take a break from the screens-even if I do find myself rushing to share a story or picture from that time away!

Taking a Sunday drive just to look around town, or to get away from town, can be a good way to unplug. Today, I went to a nearby park to investigate the view.

The leaves were mostly fallen from the trees, leaving a clearer view of the creek. Clinging to autumn, some bold red leaves were left to frame the water bank. The air was crisp, but not too cold. The sound of the water flowing across rocks was calming.

Since the park was empty, except for my brother and me, the walk around park pathways was quiet. The day was perfect for contemplation and appreciation of nature.

As usual, I felt compelled to take pictures of the world around me. It can be hard to put the camera down. I came to have a greater recognition of the beauty that surrounds me when I started taking more photographs. I feel fortunate to live in a place where I can take a peaceful walk in quiet surroundings.

*posted in response to the daily prompt:
Bloggers, Unplugged

Streaks of Transition



This week, the daily post photo challenge is to share a photo that depicts Transition.

I was fascinated by the little hummingbirds that came by my feeder this summer. I am not a hummingbird expert; however, judging by the dark streaks on his throat, I believe this bird to be a young male in transition to an adult male. The young males and females have white throats. When this young bird comes back next year, he will be boasting a glorious, ruby red throat!

I also captured this bird in transition from flight to landing. This was not an easy thing to do since the tiny birds can streak across the sky at 60 miles per hour! I was glad that the faint lines of his wings in flight were visible in the photo.

If you are interested in seeing some more of my Ruby Throated hummingbird pictures, you can click on the Hummingbird header at the top of the page.

Above It All

Above It All

Above It All

Soar above it all. Stay above the fray. Leave strife in the distance. Hope for calmer days.

Here is my entry for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge with the theme of things that fly, from birds to airplanes. By changing the sky from blue to gray, I think that the photo now seems like it is from another time. I feel like I have stepped into the past.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. It is a reminder to slow down and count our blessings. I have so much to be thankful for today.

This is my first Thanksgiving without my mother. I am thankful to have had so many years to spend with her, sharing moments together, great and small, that would become precious memories. She taught me right from wrong. She made me feel special. I knew she loved me with every breath. I miss her smile and voice and tender touch. She is still with me in spirit and I am thankful.

The person that understands this the most is my brother. We share our beliefs and prayers. I trust him with all my heart. He gives great advice and lifts my spirits. We think a lot alike; although, he is a million times smarter than me! He is thoughtful and loyal and kind. He is a true friend.

I am thankful for my friendships, old and new. To be able to share laughs, tears and ideas with kindred spirits is a gift.

You may not all celebrate this holiday. Still, I wish you all a day of peace, laughter and thankfulness. And, pumpkin pie too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Catnip Contentment-Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Catnip Contentment

Catnip Contentment

I gave my cat an early Thanksgiving present-a catnip turkey toy! He loved it! Stripey may be seventeen but he still loves to play. You can’t throw the toy to him, that’s no fun. You have to throw it away from him, so he can run full force to chase it, bat it around, hold it down and nuzzle it. Okay, bite it, then nuzzle it.

Here, Stripey is nuzzling his prized toy as he purrs loudly. Doesn’t he look content? I sure love my cat, and I am thankful to see his sweet face every day!

*posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kids or Pets with Toys

Lunar (One Word Photo Challenge-Aperture)



Lunar Haiku (Aperture)

Circular window
Passage of light through darkness
Fullness of the moon

*posted for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge-Aperture

Lantern Trio



Lantern Haiku (Welcome)

Night falling like rain
Dark skies pleading for relief
Welcome lantern glow

*posted in response to the daily post weekly photo challenge:

Bird School (One Word Photo Challenge-Ant)


When I saw that the theme for JNW’s One Word Photo Challenge this week was “ant,” I was momentarily stumped. I knew that my options would be limited. I had tried to take a close up of an ant this summer with less than satisfactory results and the photos were deleted. Thanks, or no thanks, to cooler temperatures, there are no ants lurking around. So, what was I to do?

I started scrolling through some pics from the summer when I remembered how I often cropped ants out of my hummingbird pictures. Sure enough, there were a few photos remaining with a tiny ant in the background.

I decided to pinpoint the ant in my photo using the Over App. In reviewing the photo, I decided that it looked like the hummingbird was studying the text identifying the target ant. The bird looks to be a serious student, concentrating intently on the lesson about ants! I do believe that hummingbirds may eat ants although I have not seen it for myself.

I like to think this ant made it safely from the feeder, leaving the hummingbird to his nectar feast!

Country Market-The Changing Seasons 11

The fall colors have peaked. I was glad to be able to capture the fiery orange and red leaves surrounding the Country Market before they fell to the ground. The outside market fare included odd, but colorful, gourds along with pretty ornamental cabbages.

Due to the time change, I was able to take a nighttime photo just before closing time at 6:00pm. (I miss daylight savings time when the days are longer.) The market will likely start staying open longer once they start Christmas tree sales.

This is my eleventh installment for Cardinal Guzman’s Monthly Photo Challenge. We are to post 5-20 pictures each month at a nearby location to showcase the changing of seasons and hone our photography skills. You should check out his photos and the links that he posts to other entries you may also enjoy viewing. You can see my previous galleries by clicking on the Changing Seasons header at the top of this page.

Eleven down and one to go! I hope Cardinal will continue this challenge and/or start a new one next year!

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